On Intrusive Thoughts

The same night I posted about feeling good for the first time in ages I was hit with a giant ton of bricks in the form of a really intense and painful intrusive thought. It flew out of nowhere and knocked me for six, completely. I've been avoiding writing about it because my brain has … Continue reading On Intrusive Thoughts

On Feeling Good (?)

The past week saw some of the biggest downs of the year for me, and that is really saying something when looking at my year so far. But coming out of that, with things resolved and getting better because of it, I'm feeling a lot more positive. I've realised a lot in the past few … Continue reading On Feeling Good (?)

Day 1/Week 1: On starting again, and forgiveness.

So, I'm starting again. I've been chronicling a complete downturn as opposed to a recovery, and that isn't what I created this blog for. Every time I feel like I've hit rock bottom the floor comes out from underneath me and somehow I'm even lower than before. I've been putting off writing this for days, … Continue reading Day 1/Week 1: On starting again, and forgiveness.